About Us

Welcome! We are here to feed your curiosity to know about us. For a short overview, we are two best friends who will be helping you with everything that you need.

What Is Livings Guide? 

Livingsguide is a solution-giving and reviewing site that will guide you with every sort of information related to knives. Here, we will help you to understand, analyze, review and compare different sorts of knives that you didn’t know existed. 

Because of the unavailability of enough information, we hardly know about every kind of knife. The same goes when the talk is about home appliances. 

Therefore, realizing the problem, we will share our personally tested honest reviews and teach you everything about knives and home appliances. 

Our priority is to share different information about the types of knives, suitable ones for you for specific works, and maintenance procedures while you are in trouble. Lastly, we will also give you a well-analyzed decision on people’s experience over these items.

Who are we? 

The appearance of this question is normal. We are happy to share that we are two best friends that you will hear from on this site. 

I am Steve Thampson, I am a knife and tools enthusiast. That’s why, on this site, you will hear from me about suggestions for different knives and I will share which one will be best for you in what manner. If you are struggling with the types and different approaches to knives, I am here to save you. 

Olivia is our home appliances expert. She has broad knowledge about different home appliances which will help you to know which one to pick.

She will share every little detail of home appliances and related products. Alongside, she will suggest to you some trending appliances that you won’t regret purchasing.

What We Do Here?

We find the best products depending on our research, personal knowledge, and people’s feedback. Our key behind sorting out the best ones is reviewing and self-testing their service, quality, and features. 

After brief research and testing, taking public surveys for vast opinions, we suggest to you our top accumulated products and pieces of information.

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