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Are Cutco Knives Worth It? Here’s a Detailed Guide with FAQs

Last Updated: June 15th, 2022

Have you heard about the Cutco Knives? You probably have and that is why you are here. Anyway, they are a renowned brand in the cooking industry and understandably so because they have been producing quality products for a while now.

Their range of products includes knife sets and single knives designed for different purposes. The only thing that would deter you from getting these knives is their price as they are a bit expensive.

Okay, but you cannot put a price on quality, can you? Certainly not! That said; are Cutco knives worth it? It’s time to find the right answers to your question.

If you intend to get yourself a set or even a single knife from the brand, you may want to read on. We are going to cover everything you need to know before parting with your money.

Are Cutco Knives Worth It? An Overview

Cutco is part of the Cutco Cutlery Corporation which was founded in New York in 1949. As we have just mentioned, the company focuses on producing a broad range of products that are supposed to make your life simpler.

Since we are talking about their knives on here, we’d like you to know that the company produces a range of them from the kitchen to pocket knives. From its inception, the company has produced more than a hundred cutlery products.

One thing that stands out about Cutco’s business model is that they focus on selling their products door-to-door rather than in retail stores.

Therefore, do not expect any flashy marketing from them. The company’s salespersons have to build the customer base from the ground up.

This is what we call direct marketing and it seems to be working for them because you are likely to find one or two people who have used the knives within your circle.

Why are the Knives Costly?

We had already mentioned that Cutco knives are a bit costly. They are sort of a luxury item. But, why is that? Well, they are from a reputable brand so you will be buying a premium item.

The question is; are Cutco knives worth it? Why don’t we first look at some of the reasons why they are pricey? Let’s see if the reasons justify the price.

They Feature a Lifetime Warranty

Any manufacturer worth their salt and who is confident in the quality of their product will offer an attractive warranty period.

Cutco does offer a lifetime warranty not only on their knives but also on all their products as well. That means you will have an easy time replacing your knife if you need to. Cool, right?

Limitless Lifetime Sharpening

As soon as you purchase a Cutco knife set, you become eligible for knife-sharpening. This means that if you ever need to sharpen your knife, a representative from the company will be sent to your home to do it for you. 

If you don’t fancy that, you can always mail your blunt knife to the company where it will be sharpened and returned. However, you will have to incur the cost of having the knife shipped back to you.

So far, we don’t know of any other cutlery company that offers the same service. 


Cutco manufactures all its products in the US and they go through a few refining procedures. Now, most manufacturing procedures are automated but their knives do require a bit of manual refining.

That means that the company has to incur labor costs that tend to cost higher in the country. You cannot compare the knives to those produced in China for example.

Sales Model

You would expect a company that is in business to market their products on mainstream media and social media but Cutco chose a different approach.

The company sends out salespeople to market their products from door to door demonstrating how their products work and answering questions.

We are impressed about the company’s effort to give a personal touch to their products and while this may or may not matter to you, it does play a part in making the price of the knives high.

Knife Material

Now, we are not sure that the materials used in the construction of Cutco knives are first-rate but we know that the steel knives hold up quite well without corroding or staining.

The knives also retain their sharpness quite well so you can rely on them to effortlessly cut, slice, and dice without getting blunt for a while.

When they do become blunt, they can be sharpened over and over without degrading the quality of the metal.

Company’s Reputation

Sure, you can pick a random knife from your local store and it may or may not serve you accordingly. Cutco is a reputable brand and with that, comes responsibility and accountability.

Because of the time and effort that the company has put in to get its name to the top, we doubt that they would do anything to jeopardize that.

Do not expect poor customer service or substandard products from the brand. That should count for something no?

The Cutco User

From our observation, the Cutco users seem to be families or individuals who like to own nice things. They like to buy from trusted brands with a good reputation, great customer care, and honor their warranties.

This kind of customer does not appreciate having to bring out a grinder sharpener or whetstone often to sharpen their knives.

They are not professional chefs who need specialized knives. They are the kind of people who do not like to hear that a knife is ‘good’ because they define what good means.

The Cutco user is not interested in putting on a grill to show off their knives. Instead, they are cutting their veggies or meat every day.

They are not in college or living in the fast lane where feeding involves warming takeout or cooking once in a while.

The Cutco user believes in using serrated knives to cut meat and not being considered uncivilized. They also make the most out of their kitchen often.

Lastly, the Cutco customer is certainly not slicing extremely thin pieces of meat. Not sure why anyone would want to do that, but it is a great concern among those who choose not to purchase knives from the company.

That said; the Cutco knife set features a non-serrated knife that can be used to cut those paper-thin slices of meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a question or two concerning Cutco knives and while we cannot address all of them here, we have tackled a few that could be of help.

Can I sharpen Cutco knives on my own?

This is a valid concern because knives go blunt at some point. Unfortunately, there is no DIY option when it comes to Double-D edges.

If you feel like your Cutco knife requires sharpening, you would have to ask for a representative from the company to come to do it for you at home or mail your knife to them for sharpening.

Once they are through, they will send it back.

Will Cutco sharpen my knives for free?

Yes, they will if you ask for them to come to your home to do it. However, if you prefer to send the knives for sharpening, you will pay a fee for shipping the knives back.

You also want to note that there is a limit of 40 items for every service order.

Are Cutco knives worth the money?

Yes, they are especially if you are looking for durability. Consider the knives a lifelong investment especially if you purchase a set.

The knives are so durable that they can be passed down from generation to generation.

So, are the Knives Worth It?

Whether Cutco knives are worth it or not will depend on several factors. The first one is price and whether you can afford them or not. Other factors include how many knives you already own and whether you will be able to maintain the blades.

If you do not cook much, then splurging your money on these knives doesn’t make sense. Moreover, if your kitchen already has many knives, you do not need to buy more.

On the flip side, if you enjoy cooking or hosting, then it will be worth your while to invest in the knives and when you do, you can be sure that you will be getting a high-quality, durable, and reliable knife set.


Getting yourself a single Cutco knife or even a set is a lifelong investment. The knives are so resilient that you can pass them down to your kids and they can do the same with their kids – of course with proper care.

You also get great customer service and an attractive warranty. We also love the fact that the company chooses to send salespeople to explain everything that customers may want to know about the knives.

Therefore, are Cutco knives worth it? We do certainly feel that they’re worth it. As such, we would encourage anyone who loves to cook to invest in the knives.

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