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How to Dispose of Knives? 7 Safe & Effective Way

Last Updated: June 15th, 2022

Many people get stuck on what to do with a knife that is no longer useful. There are several ways on how to dispose of knives. It is best to check the knife’s condition before deciding on the best option to discard it. 

Deciding to throw knives in the trash isn’t the best way to dispose of them after they become old or you upgrade to new ones. There are several proper ways in which one can do this, and these include; recycling, trash, donating, selling, etc.

Why You Might Want to Discard Your Knives?

Knives are meant to help us with cutting various things both in and outside the kitchen. At some point, the knife ceases to be beneficial due to several reasons. 

People have their reasons as to why they consider discarding them away. The apparent reasons are when the knife is no longer sharp and the blade is chipped or broken at the handle or the tip.

The handle will come off when the rivets keeping it in place become loose. It is hard to work with a knife with loose rivets. Depending on the handle the knife is made of, it can either come off or break, making it uncomfortable to continue using it for the intended purpose.

One can also decide to get rid of a knife because it doesn’t align well with the color scheme of your kitchen. Other times it may be because you’ve gotten a better upgrade or do want to own knives considering they can be viewed as a weapon if they are in the wrong hands.

How to Dispose of Knives?

Whichever reason that makes you want to dispose of your knife, below are some of the safer 7 ways you can do so:

1. Wrapping It with Paper and Cardboard

The best way is to wrap the blade of the knife before throwing it away. Having a piece of old newspaper handy might be of great help. Grab a piece of the newspaper and cover the blade with it. Alternatively, you can use any piece of paper to wrap the blades. 

Keep them secure with tape to ensure the paper doesn’t come out of place. Secure it by adding cardboard and taping it before throwing it away. Wrapping clothes can also work in place of old newspapers. Instead, you could also opt for a bubble wrap.

Please, you need to do this before you toss them into the recycle bin. Before putting any knives on the trash bag, it is usually essential to countercheck with the waste management services to know whether you can have them in the trash.

The best way is also to take the knives to the waste collection site in your local area and let them safely dispose of them for you.

2. Take to Collection Bins

Collection bins are the safest way to dispose of knives without having to get worried about wrapping them. These containers allow one to drop any knife inside. The bins are regularly emptied, and you will see them placed in specific locations. 

It is best to check with your local area to determine where you can find one near you. Walking around with sharp blades is illegal, so it is best if you wrap it.

This way, even when you get stopped by law enforcement officers, they will be able to understand you do not intend to use them for any harm. 

Keep them secure by wrapping them with newspapers before putting them inside the bin. Use google or get recommendations on where to get these knife bins.

Putting waste materials in the proper bins helps save a lot of damage from the wrong people having access to it. Avoid placing them on your regular kitchen bins.

3. Wheelie Bins

A wheelie bin is like the regular recycle bin, though with wheels attached to it. The wheelie bins are the best options for when you decide to throw knives in the bin.

It is the safest way to dispose of sharp-bladed kitchen utensils. It does not pose any risk of accidental injury when handling sharp blades. 

Even when someone is careful, one can still injure themselves when removing the knives from the bin after disposal. Unlike other bins, the wheelie bins are automated to empty any sharp objects without directly handling them. Some wheelie bins have been publicly situated where people can dispose of the knives they do not want to keep.

4. Recycling the unused knife 

Many people fear taking their kitchen utensils, especially the ones that are old, to the recycle centers because they are unsure whether they can get recycled or not. However, like other materials, knives too can be recycled.

It is a convenient way for when you are still thinking of how to dispose of knives that you no longer need. Doing this also is a great way to conserve the environment by opting for this method. 

You can also recycle old knives rather than throwing them away since steel is easily recyclable. Before taking it to a recycle center, ensure you get to wrap it with pieces of paper and cardboard for safety purposes. You can get these centers in your local area or search online.

If you aren’t sure what type of metal your knife is made of, ask for help. Different recycling centers accept different or specific metal types.

The recycling companies will then be melted down and made into other valuable materials. Take them to the nearest household waste recycling center.

5. Donate the Knives

Donating is more worth it as many people, kitchens, or organizations are looking for quality second-hand knives. In your eyes, the knife can be of no use to you, but it can be helpful to other people. Consider donating to charitable organizations that might need kitchen knives. 

If it is still in good condition and the blade is not closer to getting bent, someone might need it. You can search online for the people who might be interested in getting one. A good example is Goodwill.  Ensure you package it safely before giving it away.

Donating can help someone out there, therefore, making it worthwhile. Remember, one’s man trash is another person’s treasure – the old adage goes. You may never know who might be interested in having what you are intending on discarding. 

Be sure to clean it before giving it out. You can give it a little wiping with a clean piece of clothing or in running water if it is lightly stained. Handwash it instead of tossing it in the dishwasher. You usually get to be issued with a receipt when you have donated.

6. Why Not Sell Them?

Selling them is not only a way of getting rid of the knife but a great way to make some cash rather than just throwing it away in the bins. You can sell them in the scrap metal centers and make some bucks out of it.

There are several scrap metals centers you can search around and get where to get a sale. You can also advertise them online, and hopefully, you can get a buyer to get it at a second-hand price.

There are various websites that you can use to advertise what you are selling. You can also sell them locally at the nearest stores near your area. Leave the rusted blades to the scrapes since they won’t be helpful anymore. 

Each type has its value depending on the type of materials used. For some, you might not make as much money as you would expect with more valuable ones.

7. Take To the Police Station

The police station is another place you would consider taking them. The officers will be able to take them somewhere safe.

Most police stations will offer to do this for you, and therefore your nearest station could work well to get rid of the unwanted knife. The stations are equipped with amnesty bins.

Police are wary of sharp objects that are surrendered on their hands. Ensure it is not a crime weapon as they would probably do some forensic examination on it to ensure it doesn’t pose any risk. 

It is also essential to make inquiries or check if the station does accept old knives. The officer in charge will, after that, dispose of it in a safe place where it is meant to be kept.


These are the methods on how to dispose of knives safely and legally. Whichever method you choose solely depends on the condition of the knife.

You would instead donate it or sell it to charitable organizations rather than throw it in the trash if they are in a pretty good condition. 

If you choose to make some cash for your unwanted knives, sell them online in the local stores that accept knives. Lastly, before disposing of any knife, ensure you wrap them safely to protect yourself and the other person who will be handling them.

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