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Exploring KME VS Wicked Edge Sharpening Systems Capabilities

Last Updated: June 10th, 2022

After using the knife blade for a long time, it possibly lost its sharpening edge. In that case, the knife blade needs to be sharpened. But the question arises, which sharpening edge will be better for using. Today we focus on the KME VS Wicked Edge tool in detail.

The main difference between KME and Wicked Edge is that the Wicked Edge sharpener’s performance is better than the KME Edge. The KME sharpener holds a precious angle and allows getting a razor edge. On the other hand, the Wicked Edge offers a precision controlling angle getting a perfect edge in any condition.

Both sharpeners are responsible for coherently increasing the sharpening edge. To learn more about these two sharpening systems, continue your scrolling.

Comparison Table: KME VS Wicked Edge

                  Category                     KME               Wicked Edge
Material                 USA Standard               USA Standard
Sharpening Performance                       Better                         Best
Holding Angles                     Precious                     Precious
Operated By                 Experienced                 Open for all
Nature               Small & Portable                       Heavy
Angle Guide System                       Have             No Specific Guide

KME Sharpening Edge System

The KME knife sharpening system is easy to use and portable for its small size. The KME edge pro apex offers a precise angle for getting a razor edge quickly. The structure of the KME edge is durable and can perform on any surface.

Ron Swartz developed the KME sharpening system, and after refinements and revisions, this system would terminate at a great point with a stone holder.

When sharpening your knife blade or other metal tools, you need to be careful with edge angle formation. Otherwise, it causes a lost metal temper and won’t get the perfect edge.

In that case, the KME precision adjusts sharpener system provides you with an angle guide system to work sharp. That will make your sharpening journey easy. Let’s check some exclusive features of the KME sharpening system.

Exclusive Features

  • Neoprene Padded Jews for Knife Handle
  • Two Horizontal Stops with 360 Degree Clamp
  • Two Knife Reference Line for Proper Positioning
  • One Large hand Knobs Clamp for the serrated edge
  • Adjustable Sharpening Angle
  • Spherical Bearing Rod Guide
  • Pistol Grip made with Cherry Hardwood

How Much Worth Is KME Sharpener?

The KME sharpening system is responsible for performing well in all conditions. It’s easy to assemble and can be transported anywhere.

So, for regular use and emergency edge, it will be the best option for sharpening the pocket knife and small knives. Though it seems challenging the first time, it will be accessible after using it frequently.

Wicked Edge Sharpening System

The Wicked Edge sharpening system is more popular and effective than ever. It’s easy to use and has no need for the experience; there is no particular angle guide.

So, using this sharpening system, you will get enough space to increase your knife blade’s jigs. You will get the best edge performance than the other sharpening guided systems.

The Wicked Edge knife sharpener represents the core of Wicked Edge innovations. This sharpening system was developed by the USA standard and customized with high-quality material.

Though it’s a little expensive, it will perform for a long time and count as the best knife sharpener. Let’s check some exclusive features of Wicked Edge.

Exclusive Features

  • Work Both Sides of Knife at the Same Time
  • Have a Sturdy Clamp to secure the Knife
  • Adjustable Guide Rod In Each Side with Stone Carrier
  • The Stones come in all Together with Stiffer Foam
  • Using Alternative Strokes for better sharpening edge
  • Versatile Sharpener with Stone Thickness Compensator

How Does Sharpen Wicked Edge?

To sharpen Wicked Edge, you need to apply the Coarse with moderate pressure on the knife blades. Then slide the 100 grit stones up and away.

But keep in mind; never slide the stone off for the Knife’s edge. After completing these methods, you get the perfect bite of Wicked Edge.

Distinguish The Characteristics Of KME & Wicked Edge

Now, we get an overview of the different characteristics of KME and Wicked Edge. We discuss their attributes in detail to get a clear view of these two sharpening systems.


According to this parameter, we see both KME and Wicked Edge sharpening systems made with USA standard material.

For that reason, there is no compromise with the metal quality. So in this term, both are similar and bear the same value.

Sharpening Performance

The most critical parameter is the sharpening g performance. It’s the primary term to judge the sharpening system. The KME offers a better sharpening process and keeps it for a long time.

On the other hand, Wicked Edge knife Sharpener offers the best sharpening edge. It has no alternative and bears the most outstanding value to keep sharpening its edge for a long time.

Holding Angles

Both KME and Wicked Edge bear the same value and offer precious holding angles in this parameter. That is essential to make a sharp knife in a suitable format. So, you can choose anyone from them according to precious holding angles.

Operated By

The KME knife sharpener is critically designed and has a specific angle guide to operate it in the correct measurement. So, for beginners, it’s a little hard to handle but perfect for the experienced.

However, the Wicked Edge system is free for all. It has no critical function and specific angle guideline to operate it. So, the beginners can efficiently handle this sharpening system.


The KME sharpening system is small in shape. For that reason, it’s easy to carry in all situations. It’s even easy to customize or set up the internal components.

However, the Wicked Edge precision sharpener is heavier than the KME sharpener system, and it’s tough to reassemble its internal functions.

Angle Guide System

In the KME sharpening system, there is a specific angle guide system to sharpen the dull Knife. That is helpful to sharpen your kitchen knife blades according to the correct measurement.

On the other hand, there is no specific angle guide system to place your knife blade in a particular position. Instead of automatically, the adjustable guide rod keeps the edge in the correct position.

People Often Ask

Can I Over Sharpen My Knife Blade With KME?

Yes, you can sharpen your Knife over with KME sharpeners emulsions. But it wouldn’t be a wise decision. It would be best if you don’t sharpen your knife blade more than twice a year. As a result, the durability would be lost and risky for rough use. So don’t cross the guideline of KME.

How Do You Break Wicked Edge Sharpening Stones?

It would be easy to break the Wicked Edge stones using lower-grade knife blades and scrap steel. So don’t rub the ceramic stone together to break in, and you should rub the rocks together to destroy them.

How Long-Last The Wicked Edge Diamond Stone?

According to research and standard view, the Wicked Edge diamond plate stones last 400-600 knives. It depends on your regular use, strokes, and pressure. Hopefully, this sharpening system with less stress and low strokes will last long.

What Angle Is Perfect For KME Broadhead To Sharpen?

The 30-35 degree angle is perfect for KME Broadhead to sharpen. This Broadhead uses a simple spacer block that fits between roller bracket and frame. It’s crucial to enable a sharpener in these high sharpening angles and ensure a better edge.

Conclusion: Which Will Be Better For Sharpening?

Though it’s tough to identify the best one, we get a clear view of them. That would be more helpful in reaching the final decision. We have earned a broad concept of KME VS Wicked Edge according to a detailed comparison.

So we can say, both sharpening systems are responsible for doing their duty. They bear different values from different perspectives. It would be best if you give priority according to your actual demand.

The KME sharpener is easy to bear for its small size and offers a better sharpening edge with a complete angle guide. On the other hand, the Wicked Edge sharpening system provides the best sharpening edge ever and is easy to operate.

If you are confused about these two sharpening systems, reread the content with more concentration. You even can get suggestions from a sharpening edge expert.

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