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Defining S30V VS 154CM Stainless Steel Tensile Strength

Last Updated: June 10th, 2022

As a passionate stainless steel lover, it’s tough to decide the best one. There are different types of grade steel in the market where S30V & 154CM have a great response. Here we try to distinguish S30V VS 154CM with their specific criteria.

The key differences between S30V and 154CM are in their corrosion resistance, sharpening ease, and edge retention.  S30V was developed by the Dick Barber of Crucible Industries, and it’s corrosion-resistant with hardened sintered wear. However, 154CM was developed by US Crucible Materials, which is known today for its high demand.

S30V & 154CM are powder metallurgy steel with the same value in this factor. Here we try to represent the similarities and differences with recommendations. Just continue your scrolling.

Comparison Table: S30V VS 154CM

              Category                     S30V                   154CM
Metal Build       Powder Metallurgy Steel                     Same
Hardened                       More                       Less
Sharpening Ease                     Better                     Good
Corrosion Resistance                       More                       Less
Edge Retention                     Higher                     Lower

What are The Elements Of S30V?

S30V is more hardened powder metallurgy stainless steel than ever. Here you get a muscular body shape and are different in any space. The Dick Barber of Crucible Industries, adding with Knifemaker Chris Reeve, specially designed this steel to make it free from all corrosion with better edge resistance. Let’s check CPM S30V steel chemical compositions.

Chemical Compositions

  • Chromium – In S30V, there are 14% Chromium Carbides to increase tensile strength.
  • Vanadium – here, you get 4% Vanadium to increase hardening
  • Molybdenum – In S30V included 2% Molybdenum to increase the machinability
  • Carbon – Here, have 1.45% Carbon to improve hardness and make it great corrosion resistance
  • Tungsten – In S30V included 0.4% Tungsten to perform the metal in overheat
  • Manganese – Here, you get 0.4% Manganese that is responsible for increasing brittleness

What are The Elements Of 154CM?

The 154CM steel was developed by the United States Crucible industry, known as today Crucible Materials Corporation. This steel is specially designed to perform in critical and overheating positions. 

For its lower price, it’s a more popular and valuable component of our daily movement. Here used some chemical elements in the correct measurement, making this steel more confidential. Let’s check them.

Chemical Components

  • Carbon – Here, have 1.05% Carbon to improve hardness and make it corrosion-free.
  • Chromium – In S30V, they include 14% Chromium Carbide to increase tensile strength and wear resistance.
  • Silicon – In S30V had 0.8% Silicon to increase blade steel excellent edge retention
  • Tungsten – In S30V had 0.4% Tungsten to perform the metal in overheat
  • Molybdenum – Here, you get 4% Molybdenum to improve hardened
  • Manganese – Here, you get 0.5% Manganese that is responsible for increasing brittleness

Key Differences Between S30V vs 154CM Blade

After a brief discussion, we learned about the title of these two martensitic stainless steel sheets. To get a clear view of their specific criteria, we focus on their particular features in detail. Let’s explore their unique character with complete observation.

Material Build

The S30V is built with Crucible Particle metallurgy stainless steel form and perfectly mixes chemical components. That makes this stainless still more reliable to use and increases tensile strength.

On the other hand, the 154CM is built with the same powder metallurgy stainless steel. But the placement of the chemical composition is different from S30V, and it’s more reliable to use the knife blade with good tensile strength.


The S30V folding knife used Vanadium and Chromium more, making this stainless steel more hardened. So in any condition or surface, it wouldn’t lose its temper and perform for a long time with a set body shape.

On the other hand, the 154CM is also recognized with Vanadium and Chromium, and the mixing would terminate the actual sequence. For that, the hard steel would decrease but be helpful to all surfaces.

Sharpening Ease

In S30V, you get more sharpness for using Manganese in a proper sequence. Its durable structure and easy sharpening range with good toughness make it easy to cut daily vendors or necessary things without polishing frequently.

Wherever you get enough ease sharpening in 154CM, but it’s less than the S30V. According to the chemical sequence, the ease of sharpening would terminate into high form. So, 154CM does less performance in daily use.

Corrosion resistance

The S30V’s corrosion resistance is better than the other stainless steel. Here use Carbon in a perfect sequence with the best Hybrid formulation system that makes it rust and corrosion-free tool steel and CPM steels.

However, the 154 CM lower corrosion resistance is also good, but not like S30V. Here also used the Carbon correctly, but the knife maker technical hybrid formulation system wouldn’t be too rich. So it’s also usable in any weather for a long time without corrosion or rust attack.

Edge Retention

The S30V’s superior edge retention is higher than the other stainless steel. Here use the silicon and tungsten in the correct sequence. Those elements are helpful to keep the edge retention high with long-lasting performance.

On the other hand, the 154CM’s better edge retention is lower than the S30V. Here also used tungsten and silicon to increase the edge retention but used in low grade. So here, you won’t get enough edge retention to survive long.


S30V & 154CM blade knife, are specially designed to perform a long time with the best quality metal. But if you measure the hardened, edge retention, sharpening, and corrosion resistance, then the S30V will be the best option. But if you compare the price, then 154CM will be good knife steel.

If you have no objection to the price, we recommend choosing S30V stainless steel for your regular movement. Hopefully, you will get the best service ever and get a new experience with higher hardness.

People Often Ask

Which Is Budget-Friendly Blade Between S30V & 154CM?

The price of S30V’s is more costly than the other stainless steel and especially newer steels designed for high range performance. However, the cost of 154CM is lower than the S30V. So, it’s easy to get and affordable. Here you also get the same specific feature as CPM S35VN & S90V steel.

Which Will Be Better Between D2 & S30V?

S30V is higher stainless steel that offers high-tier knife steel for better performance. Though the D2 steel is cheaper than the S30V, it’s not performing like the S30V. S30V will be the best option for your knife for hardened and edge sharpening.

What Steel Is Better Than S30V?

The answer is Carbon steel like S90V. Carbon steel offers a sharper edge than stainless steel. For lack of chromium, the stainless steel becomes corrosion resistance-free, but the sharpness is lower than the S90V carbon steel.

What’s The Meaning Of 154 CPM In Knife?

CPM 154 means the knife is made with stainless steel. According to hardened, edge sharpening, corrosion resistance, and durability, the 154 is better than relevant stainless steel. So you can easily find out the pure stainless steel knife by seeing this code.


Hopefully, you get a clear view of S30V VS 154CM. Now it’s easy to decide the best stainless steel to give you company for a long time with adequate sharpness. Both premium sheets of steel are built with the same standard metal quality, but there will be some differences in some specific criteria.

If you want to have more hardened edge retention, sharpening ease, and corrosion resistance, you get all features in S30V. 

On the other hand, 154CM can also fulfill your demand but not perform like S30V. But the price is lower than the S30V so according to your need, choose anyone from them.

If you have any confusion, reread the content with full attention. You can even get help from an expert closely related to Stainless Steel Corporation.

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