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Analyzing S30V VS S35VN Knife Blades Potency & Durability

Last Updated: June 10th, 2022

A knife blade is essential to generate a motion in your daily kitchen and housework. Though various stainless steel blades are on the market, it’s tough to find the best one. Here we discuss S30V VS S35VN so that it would be easy to decide.

The main differences between S30V and S35VN are that the S35VN’s sharpening ease and edge retention are better than the S30V. S30V is introduced with higher toughness and minor chipping and is responsible for wearing resistance. However, the S35VN is presented with the excellent edge retention and easy sharpening.

Wear and corrosion resistance both play the same role in a knife blade. So to learn more, continue your scrolling with full attention.

Comparison Table: S30V VS S35VN

              Category                   S30V                 S35VN
Chemical Components Molybdenum, Chromium,      Vanadium, Carbon Niobium, Molybdenum, Chromium, Vanadium, Carbon
Toughness                   Better                 Good Enough
Corrosion Resistance                   Good                   Good
Sharpening Ease                     Less                   More
Edge Retention                   Lower                 Higher
Steel Type                 Premium                   Same

S30V In Detail

CPM S30V stainless steel is introduced by Dick Barber of Crucible Industries with Knifemaker Chris Reeve Knives. It’s a powder-made and martensitic corrosion-resistant steel ever. 

Its toughness especially bears the most significant value of all stainless steel. It’s even practical to corrosion resistance in any weather or rough use. So for better performance and long service, the S30V will be the best.

The hardness will increase using Chromium, and the Molybdenum is responsible for improved edge retention. Carbon makes this steel flexible, and Vanadium is essential for corrosion and wears resistance.

Special Features

  • Offer Huge Hardness
  • Super Stainless Steel
  • High Volume Carbon & Chromium
  • Flexible Knife Blades
  • Better Wear Resistance

S35VN IN Detail

CPM S35VN steel was introduced with Crucible Industries and revealed in 2009 commercially. This stainless steel spartan blade is famous for its edge retention and sharpening ease. 

It offers better hardness and performs for a long time against wear and corrosion. Using a low volume of Niobium instead of Vanadium makes the cold steel more convenient in all knife blades. It can perform in all weather with flexibility for better chemical composition sequence.

The Chromium is responsible for increased edge retention, and the Carbon is for durability. Vanadium and Molybdenum are also accountable for sharpening ease. Let’s check S35VN’d special features in brief.

Special Feature

  • Use Less Vanadium & Include Niobium
  • Better Wear & Corrosion Resistance Blade
  • Flexible & Durable Structure
  • Better Sharpening Ease
  • High Edge Retention

Key Differences & Similarities Between S30V & S35VN

After seeing the comparison table and detail of those knife steel features, we have already gotten an overview of the CPM steel specific characteristics. To learn more, we try to focus on S30V & S35VN’s criteria in detail.

Chemical Components

The S30V knife is introduced with some effective chemicals responsible for increasing its durability and strength. Now, we see the mixing range of various chemical ingredients in S30V stainless steel.

  • Chromium 14.00%
  • Vanadium 4.00%
  • Molybdenum 2.00%
  • Carbon 1.45%

On the other hand, S35VN stainless steel is also introduced with the same chemical ingredients by the knife maker. But there is a unique chemical ingredient that would make it better than the S30V, and it is Niobium Carbides.

  • Niobium 0.5%
  • Chromium 14.00%
  • Vanadium 3.00%
  • Molybdenum 2.00%
  • Carbon 1.40%


The S30V’s knife toughness is better than the other stainless steel and uses a high volume of Carbon and Chromium Carbides. Those chemical ingredients are responsible for increasing its hardness and making it more durable.

However, the S35VN,s bears improved toughness than the S30V and also uses a high volume of Chromium and Carbon. It even has Niobium, which will be responsible for increasing buck knives’ toughness for a long time.

Corrosion Resistance

The S30V blade’s corrosion resistance is better than the other premium and super steels. Molybdenum and Vanadium are responsible for increasing the corrosion resistance of S30V stainless knife blade steel.

Wherever the S35VN steel knife is introduced with high corrosion resistance, for prolonged use and water connection, it’s easy to attack by the corrosion, but S35VN protects against wear and corrosion.

Sharpening Ease

The S30V’s sharpening ease is lower than the other super steels. Though it’s easy to sharpen with any stone or material object, it can’t keep long-lasting sharpening, and there needs to be repeatedly pointing.

But the S35VN offers enormous sharpening ease and uses Vanadium in a proper sequence that is responsible to keep long-lasting sharpness in all weather or rough conditions.

Edge Retention

The edge holding rate of S30V is lower than the S35VN stainless steel. Regular and rough use needs more edge retention to continue performing in a balance, but you get lower edge retention.

On the other hand, the S35VN knife offers massive edge retention. Without any tension, you can use this Knife blade for a long time in any uncertain condition. So on this scale, the S35VN pocket knife is better than CPM S30V steel.

Steel Type

The S30V steel is a premium quality stainless steel, and you will get some exclusive and upcoming features. Those are responsible for providing a new and better experience on the Damascus steel knife blade journey with total pleasure.

In S35Vn, you also get some extraordinary features that make it premium steel. This blade’s accountability is an excellent point for better durability and flexible structure. So for the kitchen, it can be the best partner.


After a detailed comparison between S30V and S35VN, we know the final decision on which knife blade will be the best option ever. 

If you see the toughness and flexibility, then the S30V will be the best. On the other hand, the S35VN will be the best option for better edge retention and sharpening ease.

If you do not argue about the price, the S35VN will be the best option to furnish your dream kitchen. It’s also responsible for generating a different motion in your daily work with complete pleasure.

People Often Ask

Have Any Complements Of S35VN Steel?

Yes, there is a complement of S35VN stainless steel and S45VN steel. Though both steel sheets are made with the same series of powder metallurgy, the S45VN’s wear resistance, corrosion resistance, toughness, and edge retention are better than the S35VN.

Are S30V & S35VN Super Steel?

Yes, both of them are super steel according to their exclusive features. It is counted as super steel when a stainless steel blade has more toughness, edge retention, better sharpening ease, and wear resistance. These features make S30V & S35VN super steel.

How Much Durable Is The S35VN Blade?

S35VN’s Rockwell hardness rating is between 61 and 58, and it will vary in various heat treatments. Its indenter can penetrate the steel under heavyweight. So we can say, S35VN’s strength and durability are better than the other stainless steel.

What Form Of The S30V?

The S30V stainless steel knife blade is introduced with martensitic and offers excellent hardness. For the toughness, the S30V is better than the other knife blade. It even provides high edge retention, better sharpening ease, and good wear resistance.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you get a clear concept of the S30V VS S35VN with their unique characteristics and criteria. Now it’s easy to reach the final decision. Both stainless steel knife blades play the same role from each position and bear the same value. According to your actual need, you can choose one.

The s30V stainless steel can be the best for the toughness and wear resistance. If you count edge retention and sharpening ease, the S35VN stainless steel can be the best option over the S30V.

If you still have any confusion, reread the content carefully or can take help from a knife blade expert. It will help you to reach the final decision quickly.

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